Nature and Coronavirus: Inspiration by Dr. Lawrence Blair – Director of “The Ring of fire” Documentary

A friend of mine had just recommended this video interview published recently with Dr. Lawrence Blair as a guest. I believe this took place in Bali. Dr. Lawrence Blair gained his fame through his amazing documentary, “The Ring of Fire”, which documented how tribal communities in Indonesia lived day to day during the 1960s. Among all the discussions, one which piqued my interest was the lesson about nature we can take from the coronavirus pandemic.

Nature and Coronavirus

Current Pandemic

During the interview (props to the interviewer for the great questions), he started to comment on the current pandemic. It is unfortunate that such a disaster has shut the world down. However, one positive outlook is that it has allowed the world to pause itself. Hence, the current predicament has let us sit back to ponder the things we have overlooked in our lives. Such is the way nature could have taught us a lesson through the coronavirus pandemic.

Nature, Science, and Technology

The progression of science and technology has led to a rapidly growing consumerism lifestyle over these past few decades. Hence, we could see abundant changes and improvements in our environment and communities just within this short span of time.

Dr. Lawrence also talked a lot about how nature is still beyond our control. He believed that we all should learn more from nature and even surrender to her. In addition, he compared his lifestyle in LA to his lifestyle in Bali, the latter of which is more outback and traditional.

Furthermore, he suggested that nature is still full of mystery or perhaps even more advanced compared to our technological development. Coming from a scientific background myself, us scientists do often get inspiration from nature herself. For example, the hydrophobic properties of lotus leaf or the super adhesiveness of gecko hands.

Final Message

Overall, I think this interview has given us humans a message; that even with all of our efforts and interventions, nature will always be able to come back and take it all. Look at our current situation, how we struggled to battle the viruses. Even with new vaccines, in the future there will always be a possibility that another virus can appear. At least, we can learn the lesson that we are not above nature, and we should treat her with more respect.

Check the video here

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