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At Jangjo Element, we are committed to transforming low-value or seemingly valueless waste into valuable resources through innovation, science, and material engineering. By integrating with the JOWI system, a comprehensive waste processing solution, we efficiently manage and process diverse waste streams. Our advanced technology and expert team enable us to upcycle and repurpose waste materials, creating sustainable solutions that benefit the environment and society. Join us in pioneering a future where waste becomes a valuable resource.

Junk to Material

Dive into the world of composite

Made 100% out of the waste generated from our JOWI system. Our composite materials contribute to a circular economy by reducing waste and promoting the reuse of materials. By transforming waste into valuable composites, we not only address waste management challenges but also create sustainable solutions that reduce environmental impact.

Made from used trash bag and low value waste
Made from low value plastic waste and residue
Made from used trash bag
Made from mixed low value plastic waste

Why Choosing Our Materials?

Envrionmentally Friendly

Termite Resistance

Water Resistance

Suitable for Outdoor

Simple to Use


Our products are crafted from waste that are obtained from our JOWI system, with a lower carbon footprint than commonly used materials.

Our products are sustainable, safe, high-performing, and beautifully designed, all proudly made in Indonesia.

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© PT Jangjo Teknologi Indonesia 2024