Zero Waste Integrated System

Jangjo Zero Waste Integrated (JOWI) System is Jangjo’s innovative approach to waste management, designed to transform waste into valuable products, significantly reducing landfill waste, minimizes environmental impact, and promotes sustainability through innovative technology. 


Jangjo Zero Waste Integrated System

Compact System

This system saves up to 70% of land usage. It is designed to fit waste processing areas, especially in urban locations with limited space. The compact system can process 200 tons of waste per day using only 3,000 m² of land, resulting in operational and cost efficiency.

Adaptive Solutions

Providing superior waste processing solutions with trained human resources. The system adapts to the waste processing area, making it feasible to implement waste management anywhere as needed.

Mixed Waste Friendly

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, our waste processing facility can handle mixed waste with high efficiency. This facility is well-suited to process the types of waste typically segregated in Indonesia, making it an ideal solution for local waste management needs.

Fully Support Circular Economy

Transforming waste into valuable and economical materials, the processed waste can be converted into useful materials such as Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF), and can be used for maggot cultivation (maggots are larvae that effectively decompose dead organic matter) for food waste.

Impact Report

The JOWI System provides impact reports based on the benefits generated from waste processing, such as the amount of greenhouse gas emissions reduced. This is an advantage of Jangjo compared to landfill systems, which cannot yet provide comprehensive reports.

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© PT Jangjo Teknologi Indonesia 2024