Achieving Sustainable Agriculture: A Visit From Syngenta and CropLife Indonesia

On May 14, 2024, Jangjo had a visitor from Syngenta and CropLife Indonesia. Both companies operate within the agricultural industry, focusing on biotechnology and crop protection. They share a common goal to advance sustainable agriculture and provide farmers with innovative technologies to ensure food security and improve crop yields. 

About Company

  1. Syngenta Indonesia

Syngenta is a global company that produces leading seeds and crop protection to help farmers grow safe and nutritious food. Syngenta has been present in Indonesia since the 1960s and now has four industrial facilities, a Plant Protection Research and Development Center, a Plant Protection Product Factory, a Seed Development Site, and a Seed Processing Plant.

Syngenta’s commitment to Indonesia is to develop its human resources, reduce the impact on the environment, increase social ties, strengthen the sustainability of its supply, and run its business responsibly. The company brings innovation aiming for sustainable agriculture, which is the practice of farming while protecting the environment, expanding natural resources, and using nonrenewable resources at maximum efficiency.

  1. CropLife Indonesia

On the other hand, CropLife is a global advocate for the plant science industry to help farmers increase productivity while facing critical challenges. CropLife has been present in Indonesia since 2001, representing on behalf of the farmers, seed, and pesticide industries. They focus on educating farmers about the benefits of responsible and safe pesticide use, including how to save money, improve personal health, reduce environmental pollution, and avoid public health hazards from improper pesticide use. 

CropLife Indonesia has a mission to promote sustainable agriculture for the sake of the farmers, consumers, and the environment. They welcome open dialogue with stakeholders to address food and agricultural needs in the future.

Syngenta and CropLife Indonesia at Jangjo facility

A visit from Syngenta and CropLife Indonesia to the Jangjo facility is to plan pesticide packaging made from sustainable materials. Sustainable packaging is made from recyclable materials like PET or HDPE plastics, cardboard, and paper. It is a biodegradable packaging, offering an eco-friendly alternative rather than basic plastics. As a company promoting sustainable agriculture, they want to ensure that their product is produced in an environmentally, economically, and socially responsible manner. 

Jango warmly welcomed the representatives from Syngenta and CropLife Indonesia. We guided them on a tour of the Jangjo facilities and presented how our workers manage waste and transform them into valuable materials. The representatives also shared their thoughts on why they chose sustainable materials for the pesticide packaging. 

After this inspiring visit from companies promoting sustainability, Jangjo is looking forward to potential future collaborations with Syngenta and CropLife Indonesia. Let’s embrace a partnership and work together for a brighter and sustainable future. 

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Syngenta and CropLife Indonesia at Jangjo facility on a mission to achieve sustainable agriculture.

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